getting together with friends

Whether it is a cookout, watching a favorite team, or celebration of a holiday, we enjoy sharing our lives with one another.

Christians are no exception; we love to get together for fellowship.
Here at Crosby Community Church, we offer a number of opportunities for you to fellowship with each other.


(Will resume in the fall)

For Family Night Dinner, each family brings what they are planning on having at their own house.

Some families bring “home cooking”.  Some families bring KFC or pizza.  You might even find a box of Captain Crunch!

Regardless of what people bring, everyone always leaves full!


Dec 21st | 6 pm

Looking for another opportunity to enjoy the carols of Christmas? Join us as we go house-to-house, singing your favorite Christmas Carols.

We will go and sing in the neighborhoods surrounding our church.


A Sunday in Summer | Immediately following Worship

Each year, an exciting and different entree is provided by the church.  Families are encouraged to bring sides and desserts.


Feb 9th | 6:00 pm

This is a fun, convenient and cost effective way to spend a Valentines evening with your Special Someone!  The cost is $20 per couple and includes:

  • Catered Dinner
  • Entertainment / Games
  • Movie

Dec 17th | 6 pm

At Crosby Community Church, the annual Christmas Party is the one time of the year when stealing is sanctioned by the church!

This is a great opportunity to have a lot of fun and really get to see the other side of the person you sit next to in church every Sunday.

Every person that wants to participate brings a $10 gift.  Each person draws a number and when their number is called, they get to either select a gift from the stack, or… they get to take one from someone else!

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