Men's Ministry

helping men be the godly men God calls us to be

We welcome all men, ages 18 – 90 to join us on the second Saturday of the month from 8am – 9am. The group was started in 2011 by Gary Willis.  Gary believes it is important for men to have a a safe place to share who they are, their spiritual journeys, and their hopes and dreams. Gary is the current facilitator of the group.

Men’s Group usually includes an opening prayer, brief check-in from all men, topic of the week led by Gary or another man in the group, small group discussion and prayer. Topics discussed have been prosperity, gratitude, love, service, prayer, letting go, trust, meditation and others.

The Men’s Group also facilitates service projects at Crosby Community Church.  These include general repair and maintenance as well as building enhancements and improvements.

In the group, the younger men learn from older men. Older men learn from younger men. Men realize that they are not alone in their personal challenges. Men come when they can, receive the supportive nourishment they ask for, and provide love, support, and listening for each other.  Crosby Community Church men enjoy sharing thoughts and ideas about their own spiritual journeys, and can give each other a helping hand when asked.

Many Crosby Community Church men provide some type of service to the church and larger community. Several teach our youth. Others help with maintenance of the church. Others provide help in their communities. Service is a very important component of the Crosby Community Church Men’s Group. Each man decides for himself how he is going to serve.

In a culture that discourages men from being whole, vulnerable, spiritual, and connected, the Crosby Community Church Men’s Group offers men an opportunity to share and become part of a caring, loving circle of men. Confidentiality is important, as well as respect for differences, and a rule to “not judge.”

“This group is the best support group I have ever attended,” said one man.

“I have gotten to know these guys so much better. When I see them on Sunday, I really feel connected,” reports another.

We are blessed to have the space, time and energy of a wonderful group of “Real Men” at Crosby Community Church.

Looking for small group support?

Community Groups are another way to engage and grow with other men who face the same struggles and challenges that you are facing.


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