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Worship Director Bryant Downey

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Most churches — big and small — rely on worship directors to guide worshipers through the spiritual journey affectionately called “church.” It is the worship director who is responsible for setting the mood and rallying the faithful.

Part minister, part choir director, part cheerleader, the “praise and worship leader” is the modern iteration of the church deacons who once offered the prayers and sang “Amazing Grace” and other hymns a cappella before the preacher and choir marched down the aisle to officially start a service.

At Crosby Community Church, we use a blend of musical styles on Sunday mornings. It is very important to me that the focus is on God and not those up front.  “It’s not about ‘look at me,’ it is about leading people in worship.”

Bryant is responsible for:

  • Leading Crosby Community Church into heart-filled worship to God
  • Planning and executing Crosby Community Church’s weekly worship set
  • Recruiting, guiding, and encouraging the musicians that cycle on the worship team
Worship Director – Bryant Downey
Worship Director – Bryant Downey

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