Message: “God Is…GOOD” from Doug Wallin


Doug Wallin - October 24, 2021

God Is...GOOD

God Is...GOOD

From Series: "God Is ..."

We talk about God, but it is very possible for us to have radically different ideas about who God is. Who gets to define God? Who gets to determine who He is and what He is like? Do we vote on it? Do we go with our feelings? Who should we listen to? During this series, “God Is...”, I am going to propose something radical… that we let God tell us who He is and what He is like. It just seems to make sense that God would be the best authority on defining Himself. We will find that the more we discover about God, the more we will be in awe of Him. Most of us may even be a little surprised that God is not exactly like we may have imagined Him to be.

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